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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Consumer Tips

I found these Consumer Tip Sheets on the Alberta Government website and thought they were a worthwhile read if you're thinking of renovating or buying a condo or timeshare:

Home Renovations and Repair
This document outlines everything you need to know about hiring a contractor as well as information about contracts and cancellation rights.

Contents include:
Choosing a Contractor
The Contract
Paying for the Work
Protect Yourself From Liens
Working with Prepaid Contractors
If You Have Problems
Home Insurance
More Information
Hire Certified Tradespeople

Buying Time Shares
In this tipsheet, you'll find out:
· what a time share is all about,
· how you are protected,
· how to decide whether a time share is for you, and
· how to avoid problems when you buy a time share.

Buying and Owning a Condominium
Overviewing the key topics that affect buying and owning a condominium.


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