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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

A Room Without a View

What's a room without a view? Even the most attractive d├ęcor can rise or fall based on the view from the predominant windows in any given room.

Whether you're a seller who wants to show your home to its best advantage or a buyer considering the purchase of a home with a problem view, the outlook from your windows is a major consideration.

So, whether you're buying or selling, or even just want to enjoy your current home to the fullest extent, here are some tips for adapting windows that either overlook a poor view or have limited light.

  • If the view is unattractive throughout the entire window, try frosting the glass with an inexpensive window film available in most wallpaper or decorating stores. You simply cut it to size, and spray some soapy water on the window to allow you to slide the film around until it's positioned just right. Once you're in position, smooth out any excess water and air bubbles and you're done.
  • If the view is poor in just a part of a window, then shutters or blinds will offer the best solution. Roman blinds are made of a solid piece of fabric and are both modern and attractive. If you order them in a translucent material, they will still allow light to enter while you can adjust their height to obscure only the part of window with the unwanted view. Venetian or vertical blinds can be even more flexible, since in addition to height, they can also be adjusted to differing degrees of openness at various times of the day or year.
  • Is the view looking in to your house the problem? It's now an easy matter to keep the neighbours from watching your every move without having to resort to keeping the drapes drawn day. Tinted glass in your window panes, or a 2-way glass film could be the answer to your prayers. Talk to your local window supplier and see how to keep your privacy while you let the sun shine in.
  • Not enough light coming in through your windows? The solution may be as simple as a bit of landscaping, pruning or re-locating bushes and shrubbery. If you're still in the dark, so to speak, you can multiply the effect of the limited light coming in to your window by positioning a mirror on an opposing wall.
  • Want to introduce some additional light into your room, but the view is not desirable? Consider adding some small feature windows in positions other than traditional window openings. A small porthole effect high in a wall lets you enjoy the treetops, rather than staring into your neighbour's kitchen.
  • Stained glass or frosted glass panels can also be hung in front of your existing window panes to attract the eye and break up an undesirable view.


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