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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Cost-effective Improvements for Home Sellers

By Dian Hymer
Inman News

New paint, floor coverings, light fixtures bring high returns for minimal costs.
It's no mystery that listings that are in great shape usually sell for more than those that are in sub-prime condition. But, is it really necessary to fix up your home for sale? Won't the buyers want to fix up the house the way they want it?

Boost your selling power
Sellers are often resistant to the notion of investing time and effort in a property that will soon no longer be theirs. Yet, time and again, sellers who properly prepare their homes for sale reap the benefits in terms of a faster sale and a higher sale price.

Before embarking on a fix-up-for-sale project, you need to mentally move beyond the idea that you're fixing your home up for someone else. The sole purpose of sprucing up your home before selling is to net more money for yourself from the sale. Can you sell your home without fixing it up for sale? Yes, but you'll be selling to a more limited market. Most buyers have a difficult time envisioning what a home might look like with an updated d├ęcor, or a relandscaped yard.

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