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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Difference Photography Makes

The Internet is the #1 place buyers look for homes, so it is extremely important that when you list your home for sale it is not only listed in as many places online as possible (especially the MLS), but also that it is displayed well. You spend a lot of time preparing your home for sale, making sure it looks its absolute best; it is your real estate agent's job to make sure it looks its best online.

At Coldwell Banker Johnston we take dozens of photos of your home using studio lighting, a wide angle lens, digital stitching software, and photo-touch up software. What does that mean? It means our listings are listings that buyers want to see, and the more buyers that look at your property the more offers you'll get and the higher price it will sell for (nothing motivates a buyer to spend more than knowing there is another buyer willing to spend more).

Wide Angle Photography makes your home appear larger, and shows more of the space:

Above: A small room looks even smaller taken with a typical 35mm camera. Below that, the same room is photgraphed using a wide angle lens, making this 750 square foot
home look much, much larger.

Digital Touch Ups make our listings stand out against the competition:

Above: Bluer skies, greener grass, cleaner driveway,in the photo on we pay attention to details including lighting, time and condition of the day among other things.
Just to make our listings stand out amongst the crowd.

Bad photos create a negative impression of your home. Many agents don't even bother to take photos of their listings, and that can affect whether or not a buyer wants to see your home, or pay top dollar for your home. Our goal is to get the most money possible for all of our sellers and we do everything we can to achieve that goal.

Above: Actual examples of photos taken by other agents and put on MLS. Whether it's taken
with a camara phone, a lens that can only take a picture of the corner of the room, with lighting
so bad you can see the photographer's reflection or it makes you wonder why the photo
was even taken, it's not good enough for your home.

The Difference Good Photography Makes:

Above: The top photo cuts out part of the windows and the fireplace. On the bottom
wide angle photography shows the whole room, plus studio lighting and digital touch ups
make the room appear warmer and more inviting.

There are currently thousands of people relocating to Edmonton from all around the world due to the incredibly good job market. Relocating buyers are typically willing to spend the most money and do their home searching online. We've had buyers pay top dollar for our listings having only seen the photos online (one sold for $160,000 over the area average).

If you're selling, be sure to research the agents you are considering listing with, and look to see how they are marketing their listings. I don't know any other agents in Edmonton that go to the lengths we go to, to make our listings look their absolute best.


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