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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Neighbourhood Report: North Glenora, Edmonton

The graph to the left compares the list price and sale price of 10 homes that sold in North Glenora in 2006. North Glenora is a popular community in West Central Edmonton. The graph is an excellent example of how pricing your property can affect the sale price...

As you can see, the first property sold significantly below list price (about $10,000 below, and $30,000 below the original list price) after sitting on the market for over three months. Compare that to the 7th property that sold after only two days for $17,000 over list price.

It is likely that the 7th property attracted multiple offers because it was priced smartly, thereby probably getting more money in the end than if they'd listed $20,000 higher.

At Coldwell Banker Johnston we provide our sellers with a comprehensive market analysis to help them price their property smartly. Remember, listing price is always the home owner's choice, making an informed decision on who represents you and how is your first step to a successful sale.

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