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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Edmonton Property Taxes in 2006

Final property tax increase 4 per cent
CBC News

The average homeowner will pay about $44 more on their tax bill next year, after council approved a four-per-cent increase Thursday.

The final numbers cut about $20 a year from the initial budget proposal, and dropped the tax rate by more than two per cent.

Councillors credited Mayor Stephen Mandel, who suggested many of the changes that brought the increase down, with the final tally.

"Our mayor, who was very busy last year learning how to be a mayor, this year actually took a wonderful leadership role, got into the budget with both feet," Coun. Bryan Anderson said.

The move to lower the tax increase was aided by increased investment returns this year and plans to use money from the province to finance some capital purchases.

"My expression would be how wonderful it is to be awash in cash, because I'll tell you, when you have the resources, it makes it much easier to budget," Coun. Ron Hayter, who has been through 28 budget processes, said.

The 2006 budget also includes money for new roads, recreation facilities and social programs.
Taxpayers will also pay about $7 a year more for service fees.


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