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Monday, June 26, 2006

Alberta reports record surplus

The big news in Alberta today was the announcement of a record $8.7 billion dollar surplus. Now many of you have some extra change in your pockets for some projects, so the Alberta government finds itself awash in resource reveue. Now that King Ralph will be stepping down the question remains do the politicians go on a spending frenzy, do they maintain a tight grip on the cash doling it out on here and there or will a new balance be found. I do believe it will maintain an economic vibrancy in the Edmonton region and will continue to tighten the supply of inventory in the Edmonton housing market. Investors continue to recognize this market is in its infancy and are streaming in to find a lack of good agents available to help them diseminate the market and its nuances. For more information on the surplus click here If you are looking for help for your investment goals contact the professionals at Coldwell Banker Johnston. or visit their award winning website for more information and resources.


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