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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Home renovations - get cash from cozy

Edmonton has plenty of character homes. Wartime bungalows and two story's from the early 1900's. Considering how new Edmonton is these are considered our character homes.

I've seen some great reno's on smaller homes that make cozy the "in thing" as opposed to large and cold. These are my own ideas of what has worked for us and our clients in renovating smaller properties. There are literally thousands of great opportunities in the Edmonton area alone. You just have to be consistent in applying the ideas you chose.

Some good ideas include:
  • emphasizing the key features of the home
  • Pay attention to details in smaller homes
  • PLEASE no lino (peal-n-stick) tiles...nothing screams this was done on the cheap more than lino tiles.
  • Use mirrors in small spaces to create the appearance of more space
  • Use imaginative storage concepts for creating space, storage value and appeal
  • Declutter. Need I say more? In the movies they use props to illustrate this. For example - small people carrying huge books makes the people look smaller. So using huge furniture in a small space will make the room look smaller.
  • Curb appeal is key - if it's broke, fix it. If its ugly on the outside changing the inside will not help.
  • Don't rule out expansion. Planning is the key here. Consistent lines and applications can add value but an extension that doesn't fit or look right could set you back. Make sure you get your permits.
  • Colors can make the biggest difference. Warm colors are good. Again, consistency is important.
If you are doing a renovation project or a "fixer upper" we will work with you past the point of sale on working with and acquiring trades people if needed. We'll give feedback on ideas and our recommendations for improving the value of your reno.

Call us today for more info and put our experience in your corner.


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