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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Edmonton's Real Estate Market Pulse

In the last couple of months the interest rates have gone up at least half percent. Many properties that people should have put offers but for whatever reason did not have sold. There have been fewer new listings in most price ranges in the Edmonton area. Some areas have seen drastic reductions in inventory.

The amount of overall inventory has declined significantly. If the rates continue to rise and the inventory of listings in Edmonton continues to fall we will see, early in the new year a sellers market with prices rising significantly. Most builders are raising their prices 10 - 15%. This will mean a competive market for buyers with many of them in competion for the same property and driving multiple offers. This may not come to pass but unless we see a significant drop in demand and an increase in inventory we will get there. We have been there before and our ready and able to help our clients strategize to get the best possible property for the best possible price, terms and financing. Contact us today and see what a difference our professioanl team can make for you. Over 106 years of combined experience.


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