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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Edmonton Economic outlook

While this was released in August this information shows the vitality and stability of the Edmonton housing market. Whether your buying or selling we have the experience and the expertise make your move a successful one. Sheldon Johnston

Greater Edmonton continues to experience robust economic growth driven by high energy prices and resource development in Northern Alberta. Personal disposable income is on the rise, now matching Toronto’s and low interest rates have certainly been a key part of the economic success story Edmonton has experienced in the past eight years.

A record $76.4 billion worth of capital projects over $2 million are planned over the next decade in the Edmonton service area. With this kind of investment Edmonton’s near-to mid-term economic future in highly positive.

While Edmonton’s economic outlook remains upbeat, a key challenge is the tight labour market. In seven of the first 10 months of 2004, the unemployment rate in Edmonton has been under five per cent. With this tight labour market, the region is experiencing skilled and general worker shortages.

These and many other facts and insights can be found in the 2005 Greater Edmonton Economic Outlook. Outlook 2005 is a concise, comprehensive and easy-to-use compilation of the major economic forecasts produced by governments, financial institution, think-tanks and industry associations. The projections and issues posed by the forecasters are coupled with Edmonton Economic Development Corporation’s (EEDC) interpretation of their significance for Greater Edmonton.

Outlook 2005 is grouped into topic sections, including GDP, industry, labour force, inflation, income, investment, exchange rates and population. Read it all or focus in on the information you really need to make your business decisions.

Go here to download the reports.


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