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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Make money from your reno's

Interestingly enough renovation can be fantastic for adding value to your equity or they can completely devastate your equity if they are unplanned, ill planned are unattractive to the general population. We extensive experience in renovation projects, project sales and new home construction we can help you plan your renovation project. Just give us a call it will be worth it.
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Reno Projects R Us – Edmonton Journal, October 16, 2005

A new survey from RBC Financial Group shows 76% of the province’s homeowners plan to renovate or make home improvements within the next two years. According to the RBC Survey, half (52%) of Albertan’s intended renovators expect to roll up their sleeves and dust off their levels and do the majority of the work on their homes themselves. Another 37% plan to involve their spouse or partner and 29% plan to hire a contractor. “Home improvement is a going concern in Alberta,” said Bill McFarlane, sales manager, Builders Markets. “An abundance of options and low borrowing costs should keep the momentum going, and the paint flowing, well into 2006.” 66% of Alberta homeowners have completed renovation projects within the last two years. Of those who plan to start in the next two years, 63% say the primary reason is to make their home more attractive while 36% say they enjoy renovating.


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