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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Buying a Home in Edmonton

Searching for a home in Edmonton has become a complicated matter. Values can fluctuate significantly just crossing the street. Looking for the right home can be stressful and frustrating. Much of the stress and frustration can be mitigated with preparation and the proper agent by your side. Ah you think no big deal... no agent needed. Then if I were you I'd click on by as I'll doubt you'll see any value in what I have to say.

It's more important today than ever to interview your buyers agent. In the past you could get lucky, today you're more likely to get somebody fresh out of real estate school who just isn't seasoned into the ebb and flow of how things work. After 17 years in the industry and involvement in numerous professional committees I'm still learning. The second choice could be the seasoned vet with bad habits. Stuck in yesterday and unable to acclimatize to the changing marketplace. Fortunately Edmonton has many professionals who have earned their stripes and continue to grow as professionals. Choosing an agent should be based more on personality fit and their abilities to service you - not just when things are going good but just in case there are problems. How prepared would they be if things went south? How well documented would their files be? Would they be the type of person you'd want as a witness in court on your behalf?

So once you've decided on who you'll use - and I hope you do this before you look at any properties - review any contracts you'll need to sign when it comes time to making and offer to purchase a property. Understanding these documents and your agent's role in the preparation of these documents will be key to a successful and smooth transaction.

If you select correctly your experience with your agent should be extremely enjoyable, educational and satisfying. If you select incorrectly just attend a course on real estate law because you may need to have a better understanding of it. The process of buying a home in Edmonton or any of the surrounding areas does not have to stressfully. Whether its your first home or not, your dream home or an investment. Take the time to choose your agent carefully they will end up representing you on one of the largest financial transactions of your life.

I hope you'll give us some consideration when you're looking for your next dream home, investment property, recreational property or first home. We are a family owned and operated real estate team who have been selling real estate in the Edmonton area since 1962.

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