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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Hidden Cost of Doing it yourself...

There is this home in my neighbourhood that's been for sale with a "do it yourself" company for a while now. I've driven by it everyday for months and now its gone up for sale with an agent. Having been in this agent's position I don't envy him. As an agent we pretty much know that the first two weeks of a listing is pretty much the most exciting two weeks for a property. It's new and the level of interest is usually high. However, whenever I have taken over a listing like the one above it enters the market flat, even if we've reduced the price. Agents have seen it and figured other buyers have seen it and weren't interested or they might think that seller will be hard to deal with. Whatever the reason there is definitely a difference in bringing on a listing after the seller has tried to market it. In some cases I've talked to buyers who had gone through the home and for one reason or another the majority of them have not felt comfortable with the seller and how they showed the home and did not feel they could make an offer that was reasonable that the seller would accept without hurting their feelings.


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