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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Buying A Home With Good Resale Value

When buying a home it is tough to think about selling it right away, but it is inevitable that some day you will sell it. Keep these tips in mind to maximize the resale value of the home you buy:

1. Location is Essential - It is very important to know if a neighborhood is in demand and also if there are areas in town that are increasing in desirability.

2. Who is Buying? - It is important to find out who the main buyers are in the area. Are they seniors? If so buy a home that is one level. If the majority of buyers are young families with children then consider a property with a large yard that is not fronted by a abusy street.

3. Dont sweat the cosmetics - Look for homes that need cosmetic update because it doesnot take too much to do minor updates, but if they need one they are often priced under market value.

4. What are buyers looking for? Popular features differ from region to region, so try to find out what is in demand in your town and make sure that your home has it.


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